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Mike's Okinawa Trip

Hello everyone! I took an early winter holiday so I could go to Okinawa with my family. I went there for 4 days, 3 nights. My plane left Haneda airport in the afternoon on Sunday and arrived in Okinawa three hours later.. The flight was about 3 hours long. I read my science-fiction book for most of the flight : )

At Haneda airport, I had a philosophical discussion with Philosoraptor (Philosophy + Raptor), this was quite unexpected to see! We then boarded our jet and departed for Okinawa!

We stayed in Naha for two nights at a hotel right in the downtown area. It was really convenient to have everything nearby. Our hotel had a lunch counter near the front, so I would drink my coffee there after I woke up. On our first night, we decided to have Korean food at a fancy-looking restaurant in a building full of other various restaurants.

It was so good and I got so full from all the food!

The next day we went out to see the markets, pottery district, and other small shops around town. We had lunch, then went to see some temples near the ocean.

Fukushuen garden was simply amazing! The landscaping and scenery was gorgeous! The ticket price was only 200 yen. Definitely a must-see if you go to Naha.

After the shrines, we went to a nearby beach. I've never seen a beach so beautiful! The sand was all coral, the water clean, rocky cliffs magnificent, and the atmosphere so calm. I only walked in the water a little bit. The total length of the beach was only about 200 meters.

Later on, we walked to the nearest monorail station and went back to the hotel before heading a restaurant for dinner. The next day we visited Shuri castle which unfortunately burned down on October 31 2019. Currently, they're raising funds as it's undergoing reconstruction. The walls are very curvy and the area is fairly large!

Later we traveled north towards our next hotel which was right on the beach! The view was so beautiful! It's a shame that swimming wasn't allowed! It was a little chilly for swimming anyway. That didn't stop me from walking in the water a bit though. We had a great view from our 8th floor balcony. I checked out the rocks that were poking out of the water after collecting a few sea shells. I spent some time reading my book in the hotel lobby as well.

On the final day, we went to Okinawa Churaumi aquarium, which is a large aquarium located towards the north of Okinawa, on the west side. There was a surprising number of people who were visiting that day, luckily the crowds weren't too big.

The fish and other sea creatures were interesting as well, some were truly large like the whale shark! A great place to spend a couple of hours with your family.

In the late afternoon we started heading back to Naha where I caught my flight at 7pm (which was quite empty!). I had a really fun time in Okinawa and it's somewhere I've been wanting to visit for a long time. Who else has been to Okinawa? Share your stories!





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