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MEW Halloween Game Party 2022!

On Sunday October 23rd we held a school game party for students and their friends, everyone had a blast! This time we had three groups come at different times because of the large number of students who were attending.

Group A was 10-11:30

Group B was 1-2:30

Group C was 3-4:30

Students got to participate in a number of activities which helped develop their English skills. We started each group with an introduction "My name is Yuri and I'm a witch." Though the events were created for beginners, higher-level students were expected to come up with more academic content of course.

We then proceeded to cover Halloween things and monsters such as werewolves, vampires and such. We then played Karuta and took turns naming the monsters on the table. All students got to practice listening and speaking skills!

Later we let the monsters go around the room and students took turns saying things like "Go to the skeleton!" and the other children would have to find and run there.

After that we got to draw our own scary Halloween monsters and then describe them. "It's a bat. It's scary!" We had some gifted artists among us!

We then proceeded to play a game of "Make a Zombie!" It involved attaching separate body ports (head, legs, arms, eye) onto the magnetic boards. The student holding the body part couldn't see the board and had to listen to the other students shouting "Up! Left! A little right!" to get it as close as possible! Definitely the most popular activity!

We then had an in-house trick-or-treating session for the kids to go around to all the moms and practice saying "trick-or-treat." Everyone received some snacks to take home and devour!

We finished the party off with a Halloween-themed boardgame with various character pieces to choose from such as Bowser Jr, Nezuko, pokemon, and more. Stickers were handed out afterwards.

Thank you for everyone who attended the party! We hope you had a great time! : )

Look forward to our next game party in November!





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