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March Game Day: Spring

We held our Game Day on Sunday March 13th, let's see what the students did!

This month, because the students are getting better at reading, we played some AGO. It's a game very similar to UNO but the players have to read words when they play the card. For higher levels, the player needs to read a question and the next player answers the question. It includes other cards such as "Change the color to...." and "Jump". Great game for groups.

The younger group got to draw a picture of a Hanami. We practiced words such as "Cherry blossom tree" and "grass". They then presented their drawing. "I drew 3 trees."

The younger class also got to play "Simon Says" for the first time. In this game, the leader tells the other students what to do. The students only do it if the leader says "Simon says..." before the action. So students don't have to stand up if the leader says "Stand up", but they have to stand up if the leader does say "Simon says stand up". The object of the game is to trick the listeners and be the last one remaining!

We also played a boardgame where the students get to pick their own character and go around the board to reach the goal while making sentences with the pictures they land on.

It was another fun and exciting Game Day for the students, we're glad for those who could make it around this time.

We look forward to our next game day which will take place in late April.

You can also view our Game Day report from February!

Thank you everyone!




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