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January 2023 Game Day Report


My English World held its first Game Day of 2023 on January 29. We had two groups participate at 2 different times, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

For the morning group, it was mainly comprised of beginner-level students, most of whom are beginning to read easy 3LW books. We started the event with writing name tags and introductions, everyone nailed it! Then we reviewed some animals with flash cards. This was prep so that we could play Karuta and Charades.

Students had to act out the animal they randomly took out, and other students had to guess "Are you a *horse*?"🐎 Everyone managed to use the Target Language easily enough.

We then played a few rounds of a special Jenga. Students first had to roll a die that had 3 different colors on it, then say "take out *color*" The table was a little unstable so it shook easily when the students were touching it haha. The second round ended up being quite good until someone accidentally kicked the table out of excitement! 😆 They were really invested in the game!

For the next activity, students received a sheet of paper and picked a single crayon. They got to draw a picture on it and pass it on to the next person. The picture went to every student around the table before ending up at its original place. The students then took turns pointing at all the things that were drawn on their photos and saying "This is a mountain, this is a bird." The students had fun expressing themselves on each other's pictures. 🖼️

For our last activity the students got to play a balance game where they had to place toppings on top of a pizza without knocking it over! 🍕 After rolling the die determine which topping they had to use, the student had to say "put on a mushroom!" while carefully placing it on the tipping pizza! 😲

The next group began at 1pm and started off similarly by reviewing several animals and food items, as well as adjectives. We first played a few rounds of Charades to get warmed up.

We then continued by having students pick out a random card and describing it, "It's an animal, it's round, it's green." And the two teams took turns answering, "Is it a turtle?" Both teams of 3 members got to go twice and the team with the most points won!📊

Our next activity involved creating a story. The students were separated into three teams of 2 people. They were tasked with each picking out a character piece, drawing a background on an A3 paper, and writing a story to it. They then presented their stories to the room.

This was a fun yet challenging activity for the students and the teacher helped them out where he could, mainly with spelling and naming objects. The students had to work in their groups of two to decide what the story would be and what they needed to draw. We ended up with some creative presentations involving some unlikely characters! 😆

Our next MEW Game Day is quickly coming up on February 12 where students will be able to bring a friend to participate in the fun activities!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone soon! 😝





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