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First Girls' Game Day A Success!

On Saturday, we held our first Girls' Game Day event and it went as well as we had hoped! Everyone, the students, parents, teachers, and staff, had a lot of fun! We started the event at 3pm with an introduction, each student introduced themself very well.

After introductions, we reviewed colors before playing a round of TWISTER. All the girls were familiar with the colors so it was no problem for them to get the hang of this game.

The students needed a challenge so we started including "right/left foot/hand into the mix. It was a little confusing at first, but with a little practice they eventually got it!

We then played Karuta, a game where you have to be the first one to touch the corresponding card on the table that the special player says. This is a good activity to quickly expand your vocabulary, and with the competition around you, you'll have to work twice as hard! It's also great for building confidence in speaking.

The girls all took turns and spoke very well. They were confident in calling out the pictures on the cards. We then did a grammar-building activity using the previous vocabulary we had just covered. The goal is to say what you have, "I have a dog, a cat, and a pencil." I was surprised to see just how well all the girls were able to use the proper grammar so quickly! Many students don't realize "and" is typically spoken only once in a list of items, so this purpose was to reinforce that rule.

We then had a 10-minute snack time for students to relax and recoup their energy for the last bit of the event. Snacks were a variety of chocolate and sweets.

Using small character pieces such as Doraemon, a cat, Nezuko from Kimetsu no Yaiba, etc., students partook in a boardgame activity. Roll the die, move that many steps forward, Then, with the stationery object you landed on, use the object in any sentence. For example, "It's a green pencil" or "I have a blue backpack."

We look forward to hosting our next Girls' Game Day in October. Thank you to all those who participated this weekend, we hope you enjoyed the event! : )




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