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February Game Day - Crafts!

We held our February Game Day on Sunday the 12th, Two groups of 5-7 students partook in various activities developed to encourage independent speaking.

The first group started at 10am with some introductions and a quick game of Jenga. Students had to say "I have to take out green/yellow/red" depending on what the die landed on. It's a fun easy activity to get into the groove! 😆

Afterwards we did a craft activity where students had to make something out of the materials provided. They could create an animal, a Pokemon, an object, etc. There were examples for the students to get ideas.

They had a variety of supplies such as construction paper, toilet paper tubes, pipe cleaners, glue, etc. to use for their creation.

We ended up getting quite a few creative results! Students could also say "Help me!" if they required some assistance.

Afterwards they presented their creation to the class using phrases such as "I made a shark. I used glue, tape and paper. It's cute but dangerous!"

After the craft activity we did an activity called "Brainbox" where students had 10 seconds to memorize a picture, then answer the questions the back of the card without looking at the photo again. "Is the boy wearing shorts of pants?"

We ended the day with a quick game of "Balance Pizza" where students have to carefully place ingredients on the pizza without it tipping over. "I have to put on pepperoni!"

At 1pm we began our second group, with all the students being beginner level. We began with a nice round of Jenga, needing to say "take out green!"

The younger students also got the chance to make a craft! They needed some time to think about what they wanted to create, but ended up coming up with some great ideas! 🐷

After the craft activity, we played a few games for some more fun! Each game has its own language that students learned how to use. We played "Shopping List" where one student picks up a face-down card and asks "Who needs orange juice?" and the student who has that item will say "I need orange juice!" and put it in their cart. 🛒

We'd like to thank everyone who joined this month's Game Day! We hope you enjoyed it and had a lot of fun : ) 🎉

Next Game Day will take place on March 12th so mark your calendar! 🗓️





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