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Eiken Results - October/November 2022


The Eiken test is an exam that takes place three times a year in Japan. It is by far the most popular test with children, teenagers, and adults. There are seven levels to this test with Eiken 5 being the easiest, and 1 being the most difficult.

This time around we had three students from My English World take the exam, and all three students passed!!! 🥳👏😁

Aさん - Eiken 5

First up, we have A-san who is 9 years old and took the Eiken 5 test for the first time. She got a score of 98%! 😲 She started studying at MEW 5 months before the text. At that time, she was able to read 3-letter-words easily (cat, dog, etc.) and several sight words (this, have, what, etc...) With some practice such as learning about Magic e, she quickly learnt many new words as well as the grammar required to get such a high score! 😊Congratulations!

しげ - Eiken 4

Next we have 6-year-old Shige who passed Eiken 4, which was also his first time taking it!

Shige has always been a very good speaker and loves to chat about everything. This helped him understand the grammar more easily in the test. He was going to take the Eiken 5 test originally, but it became clear it was too easy. 😏

Reading was quite difficult and laborious in the beginning, and he required a lot of practice to improve. With a lot of effort at MEW, he has become quite a capable reader. Shige now enjoys reading books on his own!

Despite not answering the last 10 questions of the writing part, he still managed to get a passing grade! 😅 Congratulations!

いぶき - Eiken 2

Finally, Ibuki, a grade 6 student, has been trying to pass the Eiken 2 for a while now. It's a big jump in difficulty after Eiken pre-2, so he needed to memorize many new words for this test. He finally managed to pass it in the S-CBT version of the exam (all online). He felt such relief and was overjoyed when he heard the news! 🥳😮‍💨 Now after a short break, he'll continue studying daily conversation AND preparing for the Eiken pre-1 exam! 🫠 Congratulations!

We're proud of our students who passed their Eiken examinations, and we're ready to continue helping them on their path to success! Let's continue studying hard! 😁💪





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