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Excellent Eiken & Exam Results!


January and February are full of exams. We're proud to report that all four of our students who took the Eiken exams passed! 🎉 (View previous Eiken results post)

Eiken 5: Yuzuki (7) 🟢

First up, we have Yuzuki who took the Eiken 5 test and passed with a high score! He failed it the first time he took it, but after joining My English World and practicing strategies how to best figure out the answers, he managed to get an excellent score!

He's excited to begin studying for Eiken 4!


Eiken 4: Ayano (9) 🟢

You may remember A-san from October when she passed the Eiken 5. Well here she is again with an Eiken 4 certificate! A-san's reluctance to give up and her persistence to understand new concepts is fantastic. ⭐


Eiken 3: Shige (7)🟢

Shige is another student who passed his Eiken 4 exam in October, and now he's passed the Eiken 3 exam. He had a little trouble with the time, so he ran out of time while writing the essay portion of the exam! Fortunately he had just enough points to pass! 😅 We're practicing for the interview portion of the exam, but being the smart and well-spoken student he is, there shouldn't be any issues : )


Toin Gakuen: Ibuki (11) 🟢

Ibuki studied hard for over a month in preparation for the entrance exams at Toin Gakuen. He was therefore able to pass and was accepted into the school! He will be a 1st year Junior High School student from April. 🎓 His recent Eiken 2 pass gave him the additional points to get accepted into the school! Ibuki's next goal is Eiken pre-1.


So a big congratulations to all our students on their success! We're proud of how quickly everyone is improving their English skills. We'll continue to work hard together to make sure everyone achieves their potential! ✊ (View previous Eiken results post)





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