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December Game Day!

On Sunday December 18th, we held our monthly Game Day event. This time around, we had two groups of students take part in the event. 🥳

From 10-11:30, we had seven students participate, and from 1-2:30 we had a smaller group of three students attend.

With the first group we had several students who were higher-level so we had to make the activities more challenging for them while making sure it wasn't too difficult for the students with less experience. We went through a good number of activities and games that the students all enjoyed!

We took turns talking about the various Christmas words and terms used in English and played a few games. We followed up by talking about what we usually do on Christmas. 🎄For me in Canada, I always ate delicious red beet soup with pierogi for dinner (Polish cuisine) on Christmas eve before opening presents.

One of the activities we did was to write a letter to Santa Claus. The students could copy from a pre-written script placed on the board and fill-in with what they wanted. There were two difficulties to choose from depending on the student's level. They then took turns reading their letters out loud : )

The students later teamed up in pairs to answer a Christmas Q&A sheet! They had to work together to read the questions, figure out the answer, and write it down! All the teams did splendidly. Afterwards, we played a Christmas-themed boardgame, with 7 players! Students received small presents from little Santa at the end of the event.🎁

Our second group started at 1pm and had just as much participating in all the modified activities! They also wrote a simple wish list to Santa Claus. 📝

We played a fun boardgame at the end which included having to sing a Christmas song if you landed on a Song space! The children ended up memorizing several songs! 😁👏

We hope everyone enjoyed their time at our Game Day event and we would like to thank you for participating : ) 💖

We hope you'll join us here at My English World for our next Game Day, which takes place on January 29, 2023, so mark your calendars! 🗓️





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